☼ wants to know.Can you write a little story that includes these "G"song titles?

Question:I'm going to go through the alphabet.
Nope. This is not homework...Just some wholesome ,creative FUN on YA.

1. God only knows
2. Girls just want to have fun.
3. Guys do it all the time.
4. Go now.
5. Good vibrations.
6. Great balls of fire.

My Grands!
We were feeling the 5.) good vibrations, as we be bop ed and twisted the day away! Goodness gracious 6.) Great Balls Of Fire, being sung by Jerry Lee Lewis, as we danced and laughed. My 6 year old Granddaughter was wearing a T-shirt that said 2.) Girls Just Want To Have Fun, and we were! No parent's around to ruin our fun!
"Watch this Nanna" my 6 year old grandson yelled. He got down on the floor and began to spin around. The girls immediately joined him, down to the floor we all went! 3.) "Guys do it all the time" my oldest grandson yelled! Oh! said one of the girls...as she began to add back bends and backwards flips. So, try that!! "Come on Nanna", you try it, they began to yell.
I was wrapped up in the moment! Enjoying all the goings on with six of my favorite people! 1.)God only knows, how much I love them.
For just a second, I went completely brain dead. I took off running, hopped and attempted a front handspring! The kids screamed with delight. Wow! great Nanna! Do it again!
The fact was, I couldn't get up. My little ones began trying to pull me up, as they laughed and begged for more.
Eventually, I was upright and mobile. My pride kicked in, and I could not tell them, that I felt that every bone in my body was now crammed inside my shoulders." I must 4.) go now",
I whispered..
Why Girls just want to have fun, God only knows!

Guys do it all the time, especially when they play with Great balls of fire and get those Good vibrations going on.

Anyway, I have to Go now...

God only knows why He put me on this Earth. Some days I feel as if I am in Heaven... on other days, I feel like I'm in Hell, those great balls of fire just waiting to consume me. Amidst all the hustle and bustle and the duties of life, I wish that I could just step down from this pedestal of perfection. Society has put such pressure on girls... to be beautiful, skinny, perfect in every way. I don't know, sometimes the expectations can seem too great a burden for me to carry on my shoulders. I mean, sometimes girls just want to have fun and kick back and just be themselves... their imperfect selves, yet with their imperfections, they are perfect in every way. I mean, guys do it all the time. So why can't girls? But there seems to be a greater forgiveness for them than for us ladies. Why is that? Why are such high standards placed on women these days? Well, like I said, God only knows. Many times I think to myself, "I wish I could go now... my time is up..." In fact, those very thoughts had crossed my mind just last week. Yeah, it was just one of those damn crappy weeks where I was striving to be perfect, the perfectionist that I am... only to find out that I WAS perfect with all my flaws. This week, it's been a very good week so far. Yeah, ironically, in some strange weird way, sunshine came into my life... making my life brighter and more hopeful. Yeah, an angel sent from God. This week I've been living off good vibrations that are a direct result of these neat little stories I've been penning. You see, I've written mostly poetry up to now, and had tried my hand at a couple short stories here and there, but as of late, my pens been dry and my battery dead. Yeah, I think it would be a while now before I even reconsider about going now. cuz "Z" is a long ways from now...
I went to the confessional to confess my sins to the Priest. I had been drinking, so I was chewing a mouthload of Juicy Fruit gum, hopefully to hide the alcohol smell. I sat down and shut the curtain, then opened in the usual manner, then I hesitated, wasn't sure if anyone was in the other side of the confessional. "Go ahead son, tell me your sins..." said a kind voice from the other side.

"Well, two weeks ago I had unprotected sex with a Meter Maid in Bakersfield, in my car.I mean she was of age and all, but, but I fear she might get pregnant...and she does have my liscense plate number, she can find me...what if she is pregnant??" I asked. "God only knows son, but you did do the deed, so you must face the consequences..." said the Priest.

"Later that day I meet two ladies at a Bingo Parlor in Fresno,
and I had started drinking again, so I was pretty loose. I even hit a Bingo, won 50 bucks..." I said "Good job!" said the Priest. "Thanks, anyway, these girls just want to have fun, later ya know, I mean they were really older ladies, but I was pretty fried, ya know...so I went back to their place and we all got naked and took a shower together, there was no sex, but is that a sin?" I asked. "Did you get aroused son?" he asked.
"Yeah, I did..." I said. "Sin..." he said. "But guys do it all the time, its just natural..." I said. But he didn't give in.

"Perhaps I should go now, it just gets worse..." I said. "No, said the Priest, I'm feeling some good vibrations here, I know there's a good person in you..." he said, "Go on..."

"Well, later that evening I went to a bar called, Great Balls of Fire".
It was Christmastime and Rastus and Fannie Mae had come down from their modest home to the town of Benson Cove to do some holiday shopping. Benson Cove was a thriving metropolis of 2,036 souls. It had been a sleepy little town until the Super Wal-Mart had arrived a few months ago. That had changed everything. Now the Christmas rush was on, and it felt like all 2,036 of the townspeople were there at one time.

The shuffled down the isle, trying not to trip or step on anyone's toes. Rastus turned to Fannie and said, "great balls of fire! I've never seen so many people in my whole life!" Fannie nodded grimly. "I wish I could just get down this isle and get my shoppin' over with. Right now I'd give anything to have one of them old fashioned cow catchers on the front of this basket". "You mean the kind they used to put on steam locomotives?" "Yep, one and the same," replied Fannie. "It's impossible to get around in here". "Shoulda brought our sleepin' bags," grumped Rastus.

They finally got to the promotional isle lined with perfumes. Fannie's eyes lit up. She picked up the tester bottles and began spraying samples on her arms. Rastus wrinkled his nose. "Lord, woman! You're gonna smell like you took a bath in the stuff!" "Hmm..." she said, "what do you think? Do you like the hibiscus lemon grass or the honey citrus mango?" He just looked at her, shaking his head. She looked perturbed. "You know, Rastus, some of us girls just want to have fun once in a while." He looked exasperated. "I'm goin' over to the sporting goods section". "Well, I hope you make it there tonight," said Fannie sarcastically.

Thirty minutes later she caught up with him. He had drifted over to the furniture section and was sitting in the NEW! ULTRA-MEGA MASSAGE CHAIR with a goofy look on his face. In his mind, it was Superbowl Sunday and he was parked in this chair with the remote in one hand and a buffalo wing in the other. The chair made a buzzing noise and good vibrations shot up and down his spine. He opened his eyes in time to see Fannie suppress a giggle. "You gettin' soft on me?" she asked. He leaped up, sputtering. "This here's for sore muscles and anybody can use one. Guys do it all the time!" She just nodded.

The basket was full to overflowing. Time to go now. They got in line at the check stand. Fannie's feet hurt. Rastus' idea of bedding down in sleeping bags in the store didn't seem half bad. "Think we'll get out of here by Christmas?" Rastus asked. Fannie just sighed. "God only knows," she said.

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