Question:Can you figure out an acronym that has the letters "nmrcndm" in it? The words should as shot as possible.

Are we talking a acronym (like SCUBA) or a mnemonic (like HOMES)
No Man Really Cares, Now Do Me!
No Money Really Can Not Do Much
Now MR. Condom, Now Down! Move!
Nice Mothers Rarely Can Neglect Daughters Manners.
Negating my rights can not deter me.

Nine millimeters rain can not drown me.

No mere rat can never daunt me.
You've got it all wrong, Logan.
"nmrcndm" are the initial letters and you want a sentence using those letters.
An acronym is a pronouncable word made up of initial letters - like RADAR, QANTAS, SCUBA, NATO, UNICEF.

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