A unique or An unique?

Question:When using in this phrase, A{n} Unique line of Jewelry, is it a or an. By the rules of the vowels and that stuff, it should be an but when using hour, you say an hour.

it's A unigue...! i think...lol : )
A unique sounds more correct.
a. because unique is sounded out yoo-neek. the consonant sound at the beginning means you use "a".
"A unique"...

"An unique" doesn't sound good...

Try using it in a sentence...

Perhaps: I am an unique person.

It sounds bad!
A unique.
A unique, its sort of weird, like you say AN MP3, I think i's because of the sound, Em-pee-three and yoo-neek, it's one of those exceptions in the English language.
Hi Agrace,

I was wrong. It is a unique, not an unique.

Sorry about the error, son.

I just researched this information and it happened to be " A unique"
it's a unique.for example,a unique solution.the only vowel which is not followed by"an" is u.atleast in most of the cases
It is "A unique" by American standards, but with British it is "An Unique." Either will work, but call some clients first to see what they think. Poll ten answers, and see what you come up with. Use your best judgement.
A unique
I agree it's "a unique".
'A unique line of jewellery ... ' is what it should be. Or are you spelling 'jewelry' the American way? You wouldn't want to get that bit wrong either on your business cards.

The 'vowel rule' refers to the pronounced sound, whether or not the word actually begins with a vowel, so we say 'an hour' and 'an heiress' because we don't pronounce the 'h', but we say 'a hamburger' and 'a hotel' (except for social climbing British, who say 'an otel').

Oddly, we have added the pronounced 'h' back onto 'herb', which used to be said 'an erb' and is now 'a herb'. Funny old language, eh?
a unique

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