Can you write for a moment story that includes at tiniest 6 titles of books?

Please indicate by a list beside numbers or CAPS, the names of the book titles.
And you must know by immediately.This is not homework, merely wholesome fun on YA.

Answers:    DOLORES CLAIBORNE - Stephen King
CARRIE - Stephen King
CHRISTINE - Stephen King
THE DEAD ZONE - Stephen King
IT - Stephen King
BLACK HOUSE - Stephen King and Peter Straub
CREEPSHOW - Stephen King
FIRESTARTER - Stephen King
BAG OF BONES - Stephen King
CUJO - Stephen King
THINNER - Stephen King
ROSE MADDER - Stephen King
IMPULSE - Ellen Hopkins
THE WITCHES - Roald Dahl
DARK VISIONS - Stephen King
TALTOS - Anne Rice
PANDORA - Anne Rice
SKELETON CREW - Stephen King


DOLORES CLAIBORNE and her two daughters, CARRIE and CHRISTINE had adjectives been invited to a Halloween Dinner Party. IT be in the terrifying part of town, specified locally as THE DEAD ZONE, so they were for a moment apprehensive about accepting the invitation. However, the fête was sponsored by a local charitable institute, HEARTS IN ATLANTIS, whose main purpose be to find heart donors for those who needed transplants. “Sounds like a apt cause, and also a karma to see the BLACK HOUSE. I’ve always be curious about that place,” thought Dolores.

“Who requests to go shopping?“ asked Dolores. The girls replied, “We’d a bit stay home playing our favorite video games, CREEPSHOW and FIRESTARTER“…..“And, don’t forget candy for SCARY, SCARY HALLOWEEN!!” reminded Christine and Carrie.

Dolores stopped by WolfMart to pick up a few NEEDFUL THINGS, including a BAG OF BONES for their dog, CUJO, and some yarn so the girls could kind DREAMCATCHERs. She was surprised to see the New York Times Best Seller, THINNER, by diet guru, ROSE MADDER, already out surrounded by paperback. “I’ve been purpose to pick that up,” thought Dolores. I’ll let that be my IMPULSE purchase for today.”

“I’d better check out the costume aisle,” thought Dolores. “We’ll call for costumes for the party. They have a pretty good selection--Devils, WITCHES, PUMPKINS, AND GRINNING GHOSTS. Dolores thought THE WITCHES would be fun and natural to do, so she picked up three witches hats, some green makeup for their face, and some striped socks in the hosiery fragment. We all enjoy black dresses and black shoes. That should do it!!”

“Uh! Oh!….Almost forgot the candy!!” said Dolores to herself. “THE TOMMYKNOCKERS are favorites of ours, but some kids are allergic to peanuts, so I’ll just stick next to the plain DARK VISIONS chocolate bars, and a pack of TALTOS for myself to keep hold of my breath minty fresh”

The next evening the Claibornes adjectives jumped into their Witch costumes and head out to the party. They be greeted at the door of the BLACK HOUSE by their host. “Allow me to introduce myself he said, “I am MEMNOCH THE DEVIL. We are honored that you could be our dinner guests for tonight. I need to a short time ago make a few concluding minute preparations in the dining room. Until after, why don’t you just mingle next to the other guests. Get acquainted!!”

Dolores was awe struck by how aristocratic adjectives the other guests appeared, although in a sort of “other worldly” road. Their costumes all looked so authentic--nothing approaching the witch get-ups she had put together for herself and the girls. “I’ll bet they don’t shop at WolfMart!!” she thought to herself.

“Oh, all right!“ Dolores thought, “Memnoch told us to get acquainted.” She approached one of the women and said, “Hi, I’m Dolores, and these are my two daughters Christine and Carrie.”

She replied, “I am Akasha, THE QUEEN OF THE DAMNED, and this is my friend, PANDORA. Let us embezzle you around and introduce you to the others. This is THE VAMPIRE LESTAT, and THE VAMPIRE ARMAND, and last, but not most minuscule, VITTORIO THE VAMPIRE.” The men all bowed, and took our hand and kissed them.

“Wow,” said Carrie. “I’ve never had my foot kissed before. You guys are too much!!” Lestat replied, “And, very soon you must allow us to escort you into the dining room. Memnoch has given me the signal.” The three vampires respectively offered the Claibornes an arm and escorted them into the dining room. Akasha and THE MUMMY, OR RAMSES THE DAMNED, and Pandora and Dr. FRANKENSTEIN followed behind.

As soon as we enter the dining room, Lestat, Armand and Vittorio lifted the Claibornes, and hand them off to the SKELETON CREW, who now strapped them down to three tables.

“What’s going on??” demanded Dolores. “I thought we be invited here for a dinner party.” Memnoch said, “Ah! Yes! So you were--what you didn’t realize is that you are the dinner!!”

“But the invitations said this fête was sponsored by HEARTS IN ATLANTIS, whose crucial purpose was to find heart donors for those who needed transplants!!” protested Dolores. Memnoch replied, “And, i.e. why Dr. Frankenstein is here. He will remove your hearts for some projects he is working on, and the rest of us will wallow in what is left.”

The jamboree ended at FOUR PAST MIDNIGHT!!
When I be only twelve, I be the SOLE SURVIVOR of an awful tragedy that left me ONE DOOR AWAY FROM HEAVEN. THE HUSBAND of my biological mother be killed outright within the tragic accident and my mother and my BROTHER, ODD, died on the instrument to the hospital. My LIFE EXPECTANCY was extremely short right after the accident, and I be in a coma for a intensely long time. On THE DARKEST EVENING OF THE YEAR, WHILE LIGHTENING lit up the sky with great INTENSITY, I come out of my coma. Just after DARKFALL the next dark, BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON, I learned the details of the quirk that SHATTERED my life.

Naturally as a young at heart boy, I was devastated. I hear the WHISPERS about the CHASE that lead to the accident, but not a soul ever told me the whole story. I still hold A DARKNESS IN MY SOUL and spend my life driving STRANGE HIGHWAYS looking for something, but I don’t know what it is. I FEAR NOTHING very soon but the TICKTOCK of life’s clock hoping I will find a purpose before my time is up. STRANGERS hold helped me during my trip many times, but none have been competent to remove me from THE BAD PLACE I have be since that night or remove THE MASK of sorrow from my obverse. But there is no HIDEAWAY that will protect me any, so I will continue to explore for an answer alone under THE WINTER MOON at ODD HOURS until my purpose is clear.

All of these books are by Dean Koontz (my favorite living author). “The Darkest Evening of the Year” will be published on 27 November 2007, and “Odd Hours” will be published contained by April 2008.

I see the nose have cleared up but now you hold an eye patch. Did Kitty poke you in the eye or is that for Halloween?
Ever have one of those days when toddler books are stuck on your brain? I didn't mind when it was "KNUFFLE BUNNY" since that's a great book, an award smash, and my toddler's bedtime story. I didn't mind when it was "GREEN EGGS AND HAM" any, since that's one of my own childhood favorite and I could already almost quote it verbatim. I didn't even mind when it was "WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE" by Sendak. Again, it's award-winning, it be one of my childhood favorites, and the pictures are more than entertaining.

But recently we put files where our toddler can bring them to us to read. Along next to that, we got various "new" board books from a helpful friend. I've discovered that I merely can't hack having Maisy stuck contained by my brain. "MAISY PLAYS" and "COUNT WITH MAISY" were discouraging enough, but "MAISY AND THE FIRE TRUCK" be the last straw. After the twentieth time within a row of reading it, I can quote it word for word whether I want to or not, and I'm more than sick of the scared black cat getting rescued via fire truck stepladder without anything else to natter about throughout the book.

I tried to distract him beside Curious George, Blue's Clues, Sesame Street - all to no avail. Outside didn't appeal, and a library pop in was met next to even less zeal. So I guess until he tires of Maisy and the red fire truck, I'm stuck!


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