Adjectives for the word purpose?

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How would you describe the word purpose (I need adjectives, not synonyms)?

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What are some antonyms for the word purpose?

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purposeful; intentional?

I don't think the word purpose has any antonyms. The adjectival and adverbial forms do:

objective, point, rationalization
Adjectives describe nouns.

evil purpose, outstanding purpose, intended purpose, accepted purpose

synonyms for purpose: intention, intent, aim, object, objective, goal, target, end

The only antonym I can imagine would be: indifference
The antonyms would be reason and mission.
Purposeful is the adjective of purpose.

Purposeless is also an adjective of purpose. (and an antonym of the first adjective, right?)

Purpose means 1.)to aim or goad, 2.)A result or effect that is intended or desired, 3.)Determination, resolution...

That's how my pathetic dictionary defines it so I will, too...
though on my own I'd probably say "Purpose. P-U-R-P-O-S-E. The intention behind an action." Buzzzzz! Oh, well.

er...more antonyms, hmmm... chaos? ummm... void, unknown, unasked, aimless, gormless, wandering, undone and whoa, dude, enough dumb is enough!

(I feel like writing *Spoiler* ---Don't read this!) lol ;-}
Rational purpose
Irrational purpose
Unique purpose
Understandable purpose
Deadly purpose
Cruel purpose
Definite purpose
Questionable purpose
Fine purpose
Splendid purpose
Volatile purpose
I encounter this problem often when I write poetry.

Sort of synonyms for purpose--and don't anyone quote the thesaurus, its list is far too-broad anyway-- include:
end, aim, vision, scenario, program, project, meaning, agenda, act, action, mission, object, objective, intention, hobby, work, goal, idea, ideal, intent, priority, value-goal, chief aim, reason, primary reason, hope, dream, quest, destination, intended accomplishment, assignment, case, exercise, game, subject, projected result , contexted try, calculated attempt or risk, investment of capital, and attempt.

whim, wish, vague hope, hazy idea, purposeless action, meaninglessness, unreasonable expectation, impossibility, unreachable goal, unspecified guess, etc.,
lack of a program, nonsense, makework, fantasy, fantasia, unintended consequence, by-product, stab in the dark,
wild swing, gamble, bad-odds risk, wild try, unrealistic projection, silliness, waste of time etc.

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