Action verb?

Yes they are actions like the answer above but here is a little more on them. :::

* Action verbs can also be actions you can't see such as: Sue thought about pets. She wanted a puppy.
* Action verbs are time-telling verbs. They also tell when something takes place. Examples:
My dog runs faster than yours. (present tense)
Yesterday he ran around the block. (past tense)
Tomorrow he will run in a race. (future tense)
* Actions verbs main be used alone as the main verb of a sentence; as in: My kitten fell into the pond. Or the action verb may use a helping verb; as in: If you get too close to the edge, you will fall too.

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Yes, it describes an action.
Like run, jump, walk, etc.
Actually all verbs are "action verbs". Here are some examples...

Approve, believe, crave, do, examine, find, gawk, help, invent, jump, know, love, mangle, narrate, organize, ponder, quit, revive, summarize, think, use, validate, walk, yearn, zoom.

Of course, some of those can also be nouns, but if you notice, they all describe some sort of action.
A verb is an 'action' word - if that's what you're asking.

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