** Can you write a little story that includes these phrases?

Question:1. Why can't you be more like Rain Man?
2. You're about to hear the story of a cowboy, a swollen ankle, and get this, an iguana.
3. You know, we're quite a team. Like Jake and the Fatman. Needless to say, I'm Jake.
4. True enough. Mystery solved.
5. Wow! That was interesting....*yawn*

My 7-year old son and I went exploring in the woods. He wanted to hear a story as we walked and explored. So I told him that he was about to hear the story of a cowboy, a swollen ankle and, get this, an iguana. The iguana and the cowboy were facing each other in the middle of the town, ready for a showdown with six-shooters. Ka-chink, ka-chink went the sound of the spurs on the iguana's boots. The iguana shot first, but he missed the cowboy, because the cowboy was wearing platform shoes, slipped as the shot rang out. He figured that the twisted and swollen ankle was a good trade instead of being shot. The iguana actually felt compassion for the cowboy he tried to shoot. He said, "You know, we are quite a team. Like Jake and the Fatman. Needless to say, I am Jake."
The cowboy was not feeling the compassion, but was upset by the gun shot. He replied, "Why can't you be more like Rain Man? I could deal with you repeating one line over and over far better than being shot at."
The marshall heard the shot and came out of the jail house. He threatened to throw them both in jail for the murder of the school marm's mother. The iguana said, "She was not murdered, you dope. She died of a heart attack. I was there as the cardiologist when she died. I have the paperwork here in my pocket."
The marshall looked over the paperwork, returned it and said, "True enough. Mystery solved."
My son said "Wow, that was interesting" and then he yawned. I had no idea that a seven-year old could be sarcastic.
Yes >_<
I could tell that he was about to start another one of his boring stories. "Why can't you be more like Rain Man?" I asked. "At least he came up with some interesting snippets of information." My plea fell on deaf ears. "You are about to hear the story of a cowboy, a swollen ankle and, get this, an iguana!" Of course I'd heard it before; about a million times, but there was no stopping him. I even tried to insult him to get him off track. "You know, we're quite a team," I told him, "like Jake and the Fatman. Needless to say, I'm Jake." No effect, and no stopping him once he got started. An hour later, I vaguely heard him mumble something like: "Iguana... get it?" and he began to laugh hysterically. I knew better than to try to put him dow. I couldn't even pick him up! All I could muster was: "Wow! that was interesting!" but I could not stifle the *yawn*. He was onto me. "You don't like my stories do you?" he asked. I sensed an opportunity. "True enough. Mystery solved," I answered. "Drink your beer. It's time to go home."
You know, we're quite a team. Like Jake and the Fatman. Needless to say, I'm Jake. I'm the story teller. You're about to hear the story of a cowboy, a swollen ankle and get this an iguana. This cowboy was about to tame a wild horse in the open field. He managed to get on it. However the horse threw him down and he landed on his ankle. He was hurt badly and his ankle became swollen. The horse ran away. This cowboy could not walk properly. But he had to try his best to get home. On the way it started to rain and it rained so heavily. The cowboy found a tree and took shelter at it. He wished that it would stop raining. The ankle caused him such pain that he began to see things. He saw a Red Indian. This man began to chant. In the cowboy's mind, this man is the Rainman. The chanting caused him to fall asleep. When he opened his eyes, he saw another Red Indian. Chant and cause this rain to go away said the cowboy. But this Red Indian just stared at him. Why can't you be more like Rainman ? asked the cowboy. Somehow he became drowzy and doze off to sleep again. When he opened his eyes the second time, he saw a pair of iguana's eyes. I must have been dreaming, said the cowboy to himself. True enough. Mystery solved. There were no Red Indians. Just an iguana who crawled next to him. When the rain stopped, the cowboy continued his way home. He told his family his experiences that night. His wife said wow ! That was interesting. * yawn *...better to go to bed now.

The end.

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