28 letter word?

Question:well i was watching ripelys belive it or not but they were talking about a 28 letter word and i would like to know what that was so if you can help than thnx

p.s sorry for anything miss spelled


It's a word of english origin meaning: Being opposed to the belief that there should no longer be an official church a the country.
antidisestablishmentarianism - a political belief - look it up
Well there are more than one 28 letter word and more that have more than 28 letters.

Has 29 letters.

It is defined as the action or habit of judging something to be worthless.

Back in the eighteenth century, Eton College had a grammar book, which listed a set of words from Latin which all meant “of little or no value”. In order, those were flocci, nauci, nihili, and pili . As a learned joke, somebody put all four of these together and then stuck –fication on the end to make a noun for the act of deciding that something is totally and absolutely valueless (a verb, floccinaucinihilipilificate, to judge a thing to be valueless, could also be constructed, but hardly anybody ever does).

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