A question from a french guy : In the song " Your song " from Elton John, what does mean the sentence

If I was a sculptor, but then again, no
Or a man who makes potions in a travelling show

.. This should mean something different than the meaning of the words taken each one by one?

Thanks a lot...

yeah, it really doesn't mean anything this bit, he just needed to fill in a space and get things to rhyme. (he's just suggesting ways that he could show the person how much they mean to him i.e. make a sculpture, no he couldn't really do that, or maybe make a magic spell) great song apart from this though.
alors je pense que elton john est pd ... voila
It could mean that he's changed his mind about being a sculptor.
No idea what it means but it flows rather well in a poetic sense, don't you think?
its poetic
The first sentence is supposed to be him writing his train-of-thought. Like, making the way someone might talk or think into a lyric.

A lot of us will start a sentence and then say "no wait, that's not what I meant." He's basically doing that in the form of lyrics.
It means nothing more than rhyme and rhythm. As it states in the next couplet:

"I know it's not much, but it's the best I can do
My gift is this song and this one's for you".

Ultimately the meaning is, it doesn't matter what job he holds the ultimate expression of his love for the subject of the lyrics is the song itself.

Also Bernie Taupin writes the lyrics and Elton John puts them to music; and they are never in the same room (now the same country) when they put an album together

Hope this helps
Why don't you ask Bernie Taupin?

After all, he's the one who wrote the lyrics for that song.

And like that other one said, those words flow well together, don't you think?
He's preparing for a Jobseeker's interview!
He's saying,

"If I were a sculptor, I'd make you a statue. If I were able, I'd make you a magic potion. But I'm just a songwriter, so all I can do is write you a song. This is it."

Il dit,

"Si j'étais un sculpteur, je vous ferais une statue. Si j'étais capable, je vous ferais une potion magique. Mais je ne suis qu'un compositeur de chansons, donc tout ce que je peux faire est vous écrire une chanson. La voici."
It seems to be a "free association" or "stream of consciousness" of words, but he does use specific and distinct images.
First, he uses the word, "sculptor," a one word description of a serious type of artist. Perhaps we immediately think Rodin and "The Thinker" or "The Kiss" or modern sculpture.
Then, he uses nine words to describe his second image: "a man who makes potions in a travelling show," so the effect is not as immediate and also very different. The second image is of a shallow conman who claims his medicine cures everything and after he sells it he skips town.
It seems he saying whether you think he (or his song) is profound or shallow, it doesn't matter because it is sincere, the best he could do, and it is for "you."
I think that what it means is; he is describing what he would do to show his love if he had these talents. He sings, 'If I was a sculptor, but then again, no' probably meaning, if he was a sculptor he would - but he is not a sculptor so its not important what he would do if he was. Also the words have been arranged like that to rhyme and sound good, not for the actual meaning. He's saying that he can think of beautiful ways to show his love.
I think he wrote the record for a friend that had just died,and thats why he called it Your song.

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