Legal symbols - ∆ п?

Question:∆ п - each of these symbols stands for plaintiff or defendant, which is which?

"Delta" (symbolized by a triangle) refers to the defendant. "Pi" refers to the plaintiff.

The terms "plaintiff" and "defendant" are used in a civil action to refer to the different parties to a dispute. The plaintiff brings a complaint before the court. The defendant is so called because he has to defend himself against this complaint, and , if possible, prevent the plaintiff from prevailing.
My completely uneducated guess would be that the first is defendant (starts with d, like delta) and the second would be the plaintiff (starts with p, like pi). I'm no lawyer, though.
the triangle is the greek letter delta, roughlt equivelent to D, so i would assume that is defendant.

the bridge-thingy is a capital pi, roughly equivelant to P, so i would guess that's plantiff.

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