☼ wants to know.What is Marshal Matt Dillon thinking or saying ???


The MOST CREATIVE answer wins!

Sunshine MacGillicutty says, " Have fun... HEE HAW ! "

Sunny for Heaven's sake, put your clothes back on, the posse's waiting on me so we can get on the trail of those James brothers!
"Sunshine, you really decked Miss Kitty? For me?"
"Why Sunshine Macgillicutty..I do believe that is a see-through bustle!!"
"It's hot Sunnymac, let's take a dip in that lake"
Bus stop, wet day, she's there, I say, "Please share my umbrella."
Was that really Miss Kitty skinny dippin' in the swimmin' hole? And all this time I thought she was wearin' a bustle under her clothes.

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