☼ wants to know.Can you write a little story that includes these "F" song titles?

Question:I'm going to go through the alphabet.
Nope. This is not homework...Just some wholesome ,creative FUN on YA.

1. For Your Love
2.Free As A Bird
3. For No One
4. Farther Along
5. Fools Rush In
6. Fire And Rain

Red Robin felt like a million bucks and as free as a bird who'd just won the lottery. He was a bird, of course, and three days ago, he'd convinced Maureen to mate. They'd started building their nest in the big maple on the edge of the Wilsons' yard yesterday.
Maureen hadn't made it easy for him, when he courted her, and his red breast still swelled with pride when he thought of the grilling he'd passed with flying colors. But he WAS tired; very tired.
She'd said to him, "Red, you know the line from that old poem by Pope? "Fools rush in where wise men fear to tread?" I've been mating for five years now, and I'm no fool. Why should I be your mate?"
Red had his answer ready, had practiced it for weeks. "Maureen, for your love, I'll be the first robin pulling worms in the morning and the last pulling worms at night. Any would-be trespasser flies through fire and rain to avoid my territory, 'cause he knows the beating I'd give 'im. I've studied nest building, can't wait to be a daddy, and you can bet when our kids are ready to fly, I'll be right there with 'em. For no one, no one wants to be your mate like I do."
Well, Maureen was no fool, as she said, and she'd had her eyes on Red for awhile. He was young, he was strong, and she knew he'd go the course. So that was that, and the next day they started their nest.
Red WAS tired. So much straw, so many twigs and little strings, so much milkweed and this and that and the other thing to gather for the nest. Maureen threw half of it away, just not quite the right thing. He expected it to be much farther along, but he found, rightly, that his opinion didn't matter when it came to nests.
Fools rush in, and love has a price. Red's red breast still swelled with pride, even though his wings ached more than a little.
"For your love", I would walk thru "fire and rain". As "free as a bird", where no other "fools rush in". "For no one" else would I go "farther along".
(Line) FOOLS RUSH IN through (LINE) FIRE AND RAIN (LINE) FOR YOUR LOVE; for yours alone.
(LINE) FOR NO ONE else has come (LINE) FARTHER ALONG than you; and your love lifts them higher, till they're (LINE) FREE AS A BIRD.
It was the Bank Holiday weekend and Peter and Sally had decided to go on a short camping trip.
'Wow! I want to feel FREE AS A BIRD for the whole three days before I have to go back to work on Tuesday!' Sally exclaimed, 'And do you know what?' she went on, 'I'm not even taking my mobile FOR NO ONE's that important, they can leave a message if they have to!'
They loaded up the car, Sally noticed that Peter was whistling 'FOR YOUR LOVE' quietly to himself in his usual rather tuneless way, but it appealed to what was left of the romantic in her and seemed generally a good omen for the weekend ahead.
The roads out of London were slightly busier than they had expected but they arrived at the campsite at a reasonable time before dusk. The campsite wasn't a formal one, rather a field or two rented out by a local farmer, it had been recommended to them by some friends.
There was plenty of choice about where to pitch their tent, 'Let's go a little FARTHER ALONG, ONLY FOOLS RUSH IN to a pitch where they could get cornered by a load of lager drinking chavs' said Sally as they walked down the field. 'Yes, but we don't want to go too far from the car,' said Peter, and we should maybe think about supper soon.'
Eventually they agreed on a spot and put their tent up. Soon they were starting to grill the spicey veggieburgers under a wide, romantically darkening sky, and feeling relatively at peace with themselves, each other, and the universe.
Neither can remember who felt the first drop, or looked up to notice that while they had been musing some angry looking clouds had gathered overhead, or at what point the first clap of thunder came. Sally can only remember Peter looking helplessly at the half cooked veggieburgers as the downpour started, and saying sadly as they both ran towards the tent, 'Ah, FIRE AND RAIN..'
As we watch the news we see 6.) Fire and Rain. Forecasters say El Nino's effects already are being felt in many parts for the world, but the worst may be yet to come.
2.) For no one has any control of this! We worry about what's going to happen next, but we truly have no control.
5.) Fools rush in and jump to conclusions, that they have little to no true facts, just "educated guesses". I am certainly no expert on "things that are about to come". But, is it good that we worry about things that we have no control over?
I believe that we should all be prepared for an emergency. 1.) For your love, of your family, friends and others you care about, it's always good to have a plan. It would be silly to think
that we are 2.) free as a bird, because in reality,we are merely the human race. We have no super powers; "well at least not any that I am aware of".
Our children and grandchildren, will in fact be the leaders of our great nation 4.) farther along. We can only do certain things, in hopes to make things better for the next generation, just as the prior generation has done for us.

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