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Question:How do you call that sort of action when someone drops a magazine or a newspaper through your door... or what is it called, that thing. that hole you have in your door and the post man drops your letters through it.

So how do you describe it in a shorter way... If I want to write

"This is the magazine that ...... every morning. I would like to use the word DROP, and preferably the word door too, if the real expression of course includes them.

Thank you.

In the UK the hole in the door where you recieve your mail is called a letterbox, some have catchers on the other side to hold the mail some don't and it just falls to the floor inside.

"This is the magazine that is posted through my letterbox every morning. "

"This is the magazine that is put through my letterbox every morning. "

"This is the magazine that is dropped in my letterbox every morning. "
"drops through the letterbox"
Posted, Letterbox, Mail, postman, arrival (the magazine that arrived every morning), landed etc
drops in the mail slot
No, you cannot say "drops down my door". I would say "drops though my mail slot."
"Letter Drop" or "Mail Slot". Here's a link to a store that sells them (so you can see if this is what you're talking about!)


Depends if you want American or British English. I suspect British, because I don't think Americans have letterboxes (that hole in the front door!) Everywhere I've been in the US they have 'mailboxes' which are outside the house. In your story, I would say 'this is the magazine that is dropped through the letterbox every morning.'
you could say thats posted through my letter box every morning.

hope that helped :)

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