A persific answer for what does sos stands for?

SOS doesn't stand for anything, contrary to popular belief. It does not stand for "Save Our Souls" or "Save Our Ship" as popular media depicts, but rather, SOS is used as a distress signal because in Morse Code, it's very simple to remember and to type: three dashes, two dots, and three more dashes. You wouldn't want to have to remember a long distress signal if your life depended on it, now, would you?
save oh save
Really I have no idea. Good question.
it's a distress signal. it's the abbreviation for the morse code letters.
The letters don't actually stand for anything. They were just easy to type in morse code.
I always thought it was Save Our Ship.I could be wrong though...
It stands for Save Our Souls and is used mostly by the millitary, but anyone around the world understands what it means. Anyone is allowed to transmit this if they are in a life threatning situation.
save our ship
I think you mean specific, not persific. A lot of people think that SOS means save our souls or save our ship. This is not the case. SOS was chosen as the universal distress signal because the letters, when used in morse code, were easily identified and unlikely to be mistaken for any other signal.
I thought you were presenting a subtle play on words then,
"Pacific" and a distress signal used by ships...

Then I realised that you actually didn't know what SOS stood for. So, what about,
"Sorry Obvious Stuffup"

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