☼ wants to know.Can you write a little story that includes these "D" song titles?

Question:I'm going to go through the alphabet.
Nope. This is not homework...Just some wholesome ,creative FUN on YA.

1. Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
2. Daydream Believer
3. Drifting Too Far
4. Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?
5. Dear Friend
6. Daniel Prayed

Dear Friend,
You don't know me, but I almost feel like I know you. My name is Micheal Townsend, I was the cell mate of Daniel Evans for the past six months on Death Row. Last night he was executed. A violent end for a violent man. I wanted to write you before I lost my nerve or changed my mind, before I drifted too far from what made me want to write you in the first place. I want you to know that Daniel was tortured by what he done, and that not a day went by when he didn't talk about how sorry he was or how much he regretted it. It may not be much consolation to you now, but I thought it was important for you to know. Daniel prayed every day that God would forgive him but more often he prayed that you, the family of his victim, would forgive him. I'm not much of a daydream believer, this is likely the end of the road for me too, coming up soon, but I can't help but think that your forgiveness, even now, after his death, will somehow matter. The last conversation Daniel had was with his Ma. He asked her "Do I ever cross your mind when your thinking about happy times, lke when I was a kid, before everything changed?" On his final day he made his peace with his family and with God. His last wish was for your forgiveness. His last words to me were "Try to tell them how sorry I was" I'm trying to do that now.
My Ma always told me, "Don't let the sun catch you crying" so I greet each day with hope, although there's not much time left for me. The nights are another story. I've never been a religeous man but as of late, well, I have my doubts.... I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive Daniel.

Micheal Townsend
yea i guess, i'd pick dear friend
Do you know Danny, that Daydream Believer? One day while sitting across Angela in math class, he started Drifting too Far in to his daydream. In his daydream he wrote Angela a letter:

Dear Friend Angela, I was just wondering, Do I Ever Cross Your Mind? I think about you alot. Do you like me? Check 'yes' or 'no'.

PS: If you check 'no', I will be sad, but my mother always says, Don't Let the Sun Catch you Crying.

Daniel snapped out of his daydream and wrote the letter on his sheet of notebook paper. Before passing it to Angela, Daniel Prayed Angela would check 'yes'.
Dear Friend, Do I ever cross your mind? Don't let the sun catch you crying. I am a day dream believer and don't think we ae drifting too far. Daniel prayed for us last night.
My dear friend Avery, well, he and I... we were high school sweethearts. He and I courted for three years. yeah, things got pretty serious. But then one day, I don't know WHAT happened... I called several times and left him messages, prayed like Daniel prayed three times a day that he would call me, but he never returned my phone calls. I dunno... maybe somewhere... somehow... we were drifting too far apart. I always thought that there was good chemistry between him and me, but perhaps I missed a clue... a tell-tale sign that indicated that the glue between us was losing its stronghold. Oh well. Maybe he thought that I was too much of a daydreamer. But that's who I am, whether he can accept me or not... I am a daydream believer. I believe daydreams can and do come true. I always hope that he will call... the daydream believer that I am. And in my mind, I wonder. "Do I ever cross your mind? Ever??" At night, when the air is still and silence pervades through the night, I cry endlessly... such sorrow... such sadness... But no, don't ever let the sun catch you crying, but if it should, those tears will in the end once again show the glimmer in my eyes. my eyes shining ever so brightly, twinkling like stars, as on the day I first laid eyes upon my dear Avery.
dont let the sun catch you crying, dear friend. do i ever cross your mind, daniel? you are a daydream believer, dont start drifting to far.

last night i prayed...and it was a prayer for you...

i'm not feeling very creative at the moment ='[

*thinks* okay.. yeah, that sucked... lol
I was feeling down in the dumps one day so I decided to go to Disneyland and try to cheer up. I was depressed again after I paid the entrance fee. But, once I began to stroll along Main Street, I felt better. It was at the arcade that I first saw her, she was a darling dame, a little old, but dancing to a tune all by herself. I decided to dive right in and asked if I could join her. "Don't let the sun catch you crying!" she said. "The song, that's the tune that's playing" she explained. ""What's your name?" I asked. "Dee-Dee, what's yours dear?" "My name is Bud, but everyone calls me Daniel" I said.

We decided to go down the road, and suddenly we were holding hands. "It's such a lovely day, you know what I am Daniel?" she asked. "I'm a daydream believer, a free spirit!"
she continued."What about you Daniel?" "Naw, I tend to be a bore really, I find myself stopping if I am drifting too far, I guess I am a Conservative" I said. "Well, after this day together with me I'll be wondering, do I ever cross your mind when you are drifting..." she said. Then wrapping her arms around me, she went on, "Dear friend, Daniel am I what you hoped for today? Am I what Daniel prayed for today?? And, is that a gun in your pocket??" she asked. "Uh, actually that's my deep inhaler, I have asthma. And I think I need a burst about now"
I was on my way down the highway,going 70 mph, the rag top down and I was singing at top of my lungs to the Oldies station.
1.) Don't let the sun catch you crying; and my mind began to drift back to the good old days. I must have 3.) drifted too far, I didn't hear the police siren coming up beside me. I just happened to look over, when I saw a police officer waving at me. I smiled and waved back and continued on down the road.
Completely oblivious to the speed that I was running, the song changed to 2.) Daydream Believer; oh yes, one of my favorites!! Still enjoying the wind in my face, still trying to outsing the radio, I glanced to my right and there, low and behold, was a motorcycle officer. I smiled and waved and boogied on down the road.
The car began to spit and sputter, so I began to pull off the road,until I came to a complete stop. Just as I began to get out of the car, I noticed that five police vehicles pulled up all around me.
5.) Hello! Dear Friend I yelled! (I had to yell, because all of the commotion going on around me) I noticed the first officer's badge read Sgt. Daniel.
Sgt. Daniel; "Lady you are in big trouble! " Heck, I thought, they caught me littering. I said; "but officer, it was just a gumwrapper! "
Sgt. Daniel approached me with a real meany face and said; 4.)Do I ever cross your mind?
Me: No sir, I don't believe that we have ever met.
6.) Sgt. Daniel Prayed.
I live by one rule: Don't let the sun catch you crying, cause it might just be in love with your smile. My friends call me a daydream believer, but I don't think so. I'm just optimistic. Love will find everyone eventually. My dear friend Daniel was the one to teach me this lesson.
Daniel prayed that something would turn his life around. He was in a dead end construction job, didn't have enough money for school, and his love life was... well, a mess. He had been drifting too far down wrong paths, and now he had no way out.
Then one day, Daniel suffered a serious accident. A heavy piece of equiptment had malfunctioned, and Daniel's right arm was lost. After spending several months wallowing in self pity, he thought of an old high school sweetheart. Although he had never told anyone, cutting it off with her was one of the hardest things he'd ever done, and he'd never really gotten over her. He remembered the strenghth and courage it had taken to finally ask her out. Thinking of her beautiful face, he picked up a pen in his left hand, and worked to make his left hand write as well as his right had.
It took weeks of hard work, but Daniel's penmenship finally improved. Gathering all his courage, he struggled to address the envelope, and then finally write the letter itself. Unsure of what to write, Daniel thought of the one thing he wanted to ask her. His hand shaking with concentration, he penned "Do I ever cross you mind?"
After two weeks of corespondence, Daniel and his highscool sweetheart finally got back together. And they all lived happily ever after!


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