# █ Can you write a little story that includes these song titles?

Question:1. The Note You Never Wrote
2. See What Love Can Do
3. Poems Prayers And Promises
4. Take Your Time
5. Singing Skies And Dancing Waters
6. Somebody Ought to Know the Way

BONUS PHRASE: I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine

Life Today
SINGING SKIES AND DANCING WATERS is what I have today but it wasn’t always that way. Life was really difficult in ways I wouldn’t want anyone to go through. I thought I would never get out of the trap I was in. A silent trap that I couldn’t speak to any one about, that is if I knew anyone to even go to. Secret POEMS, PRAYERS, AND PROMISES in a make belief world was all I had to hang on to. I lived behind a mask because I didn’t and couldn’t let anyone know the real me trying to get out of hell.
SOMEBODY OUT TO KNOW THE WAY out of this mess and I almost met Him the wrong way.
Years past before I finally made my escape, but not knowing at the time, it was into another hell hole before I was truly rescued. TAKE YOUR TIME I told myself because nothing was real to me anymore. The person that found me was too good to be true and feeling unworthy of true love I tried sending him away. Fortunately for me he didn’t leave. He helped me grow and to SEE WHAT LOVE CAN DO, real love that is. It was the kind of love that I didn’t have to fear anymore.
His family was wonderful to me, especially his Mom. She was a beautiful person, and her faith although never spoken, was something to behold. Unfortunately she was up in age and I didn’t have her for long but she knew me more than I ever thought. I never told her my story but some how she knew something was terribly wrong in my past that I was still struggling with to get over.
A couple of weeks after Mom had passed away she came to my bed side and told me very quietly that “everything was going to be alright” I reached out begging her not to leave us again but she had to go. SEE WHAT LOVE CAN DO? God sent her to me out of the whole family, and there was a big one at the time, to let me know He was with me and I really was going to be okay. No specific time was given but that was my promise and years later I am now where I am. I really do have God’s SINGING SKIES AND DANCING WATERS.
THE NOTE YOU NEVER WROTE Mom I will treasure in my heart forever.
I am answering the note you never wrote, i did this becaus eit is important to see what love can do. Notes are similar to Poems prayers and promises except not just as serious, i think you should take your time to read my answer fully and i hope it pleases you enough to begin singing skies and dancing waters. If you get lost trying to do this ask me again or your friends, i'm sure somebody ought to know the way lady!
I wrote the note you never wrote about poems prayers and promises.
I believe what you never believe of what love can do.
I took the time you never took to see the singing skies and dancing waters.
I dreamed I saw st.augustine, place you never went before.
But it was all just a dream.
I never know the way.. You never know the way..
Somebody ought to know the way...
Poems, prayers and promisses are like singing skies and dancing waters that let us for real, see what love can do.
I dreamt I saw St agustine placing on my night table the note that you never wrote. The note I have eagerly been waiting since the moment I told you take your time. Somebody ought to know the way to your heart, and I'd rather be the chosen one.
'The note you never wrote' came to see me in a dream last night, it didn't have your handwriting on it so I knew it was from you. I followed the note into a cave and in a bubble I could 'see what love can do' turned out to be not a lot so I was quite disapointed. I popped the bubble as I was sick of your empty 'poems prayers and promises' and went to find you so I could try to work out whether it was worth being with you. You told me to 'take your time' so I did but found I was unable to get out of the cave, becuase the tide had come in. I learnt how to swim magically and broke out of the sea to find 'singing skies and dancing water' I thought that 'someone ought to know the way' I asked a fish but it didn't, so i fell asleep in the water. That night 'I dreamed I saw St.Augustine'
The end
A stiff breeze blows and rattles the leaves above me. Is it the weather that chills me?

“Last night, (1) I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine. And you were beside me again. It was sunny and warm and we were strolling the tourist shops. We had (2) Singing Skies And Dancing Waters, and we were so in love.
“You grabbed my hand and kissed my cheek. You skipped on ahead, but I told you to (3) Take Your Time. Let’s enjoy this moment.
“Do you (4) See What Love Can Do? My silly dreams haunt me. They remind me of better times, times that we’ll never get back. We had a lifetime of (5) Poems Prayers And Promises to share, but you were ripped from me. Why?!
“We were supposed to be married, remember? Our vows, (6) The Note You Never Wrote. And I’ll never share my heart with anyone again. (7) Somebody Ought to Know the Way out of this misery and grief…I surely don’t. I’m lost, drowning in it, on these Florida shores. I’ll never return to St. Augustine; it hangs memories over my head like a shadow. And all I feel is cold.
“You were so innocent driving home that night. And he came out of nowhere…”

I fight back the tears again.

“I miss you…” I stand, dust off my hands, and drift away from her grave.
"(Somebody ought to know the way) to Santa Fe! Doo dee dee - -"
Patrick cringed and turned to his wife in the passenger seat.
"Honey, that's not how the song goes!"
His wife Karen turned to him and smiled. "That's MY version of it!"
They were on the way to a friend's home to celebrate Thanksgiving, and even though he loved his crazy psychedelic new-agey wife dearly he knew this was going to be a looong ride.

They met 5 years ago at an Entrepreneur convention.
He owned his own Antique store, and she was part owner in a talent school called "(Singing Skies and Dancing Waters)"
She had walked around the convention floor wearing a t-shirt that read (I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine).
Intrigued he had gone up to her to ask who St. Augustine was.
She had winked at him with an elvish grin.
"Well, I can't tell you. It's in the searching where we find our answers."
With that he was hooked, and within a year they had married.
They wanted children, but found out early on that it wasn't to be, so they took comfort in each other's company.

"Did you remember to write the note to the milkman, telling him to hold off delivery for the next few days?" asked Karen.
"The note..yeah, uh I told you I'd do it!"
Karen smiled knowingly. "So (the note you never wrote)..where'd you leave it?"
Patrick grinned. She really knew him well.

An hour later, Patrick finally shook his head and pulled over to the side of the road. He turned to Karen who had fallen asleep while reading her favourite book (Poems Prayers and Promises).
Sensing the car stop she opened her eyes.
"Are we there yet?" she murmered.
"No..I think we're lost. Pull the map out of the glove compartment will you?"
After looking over the incomprehensible map Karen noticed a gas station up ahead.
"We should ask for directions."
Every male bone in Patrick's body shouted out "No! I'm a man, I don't need directions!"
But they truly were lost, and he was tired so he quieted his male ego and ten minutes later they were on their way headed in the right direction.
Patrick started to speed up.
"Patrick, (take your time), we'll get there soon enough."
"We're already late though and I.."
"Please Patrick.." Karen touched his arm.
"Fine okay...Better to get there late then not at all, right?" he chuckled.
Karen smiled and turned back to her book.
Twenty minutes later they pulled up to their friend's home.
As Patrick made to exit the car, Karen held his arm.
"Wait" she said. "I need to tell you something."
He got back in the car and turned to her.."What hon, can it wait until we get inside?"
"I'm pregnant"
Patrick just stared at her. "What?"
Karen beamed. "I'm pregnant!!"
"But..but the doctors..they said that - - "
Karen shook her head.
"I had an appointment yesterday. The doctor confirmed it! He couldn't understand how or why! But.." She took Patrick's shaking hand and lay it on her stomach.
"We're going to have a baby!" Tilting her head to the side, she winked. "(See what love can do)?"
Shaking with absolute joy Patrick hugged his wife and they cried happily together.
So I was happily married. See what love can do to you? My wife and I were living in the town of Rusty Spring, New Mexico; Heaven on Earth, most wonderful place there is, with singing skies and dancing waters. We were surrounded by a huge loving extended family. Why, the night before, I dreamed I saw St. Augustine, and I'm not even Catholic! I was ecstatically happy, all the time.


It was a hot day and I was buried up to my elbows in the guts of the ambulance, which hadn't wanted to start that morning. Poems, prayers, and promises hadn't gotten the d-mned thing moving.

"Somebody out to know the way to keep these things running," I swore at the ambulance.

Buttercup, my wife, brought me a lemonade. "Take your time," she said. "Um, you do remember that we're not on duty today? I wrote you a note."

I muttered under my breath. "That's the note you never wrote."

The big box-end wrench fell from my hand and onto my toe.

I think we should close the curtain on this scene at this point.

I got some profanity in there. No bathroom humor.

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