About what year did the word party become a verb?

Question:Will kitchen ever become a verb too?

I distinctly remember Diana Ross using the word 'partying' and the press went all wobbly at the knees asking whether or not this is a word.
SINCE 1999

shes rite
Ha, thats funny..I agree with what she said, Prince started it!
yeah she's right.
To party is what you do at a party. Always has been.
Kitchen is a concrete noun (whereas party is not) and so there is no parallel logic to creating a verb 'to kitchen'.
that would be 1999.
The word may not have found its way to the hit parade until much later; but my guess would be the '50s in which the Beats coined so much vernacular.
I remember it was going on in the sixties when just about any word could be used as slang,it was cool as a ring around a polar bears "a" to party, so give me five on that!
Oh by the way did you know that the word kitchen is also a place on the hair line at the drape of the neck which is usually extremely hard to manage without straighting and is usually cut off? Someone mentioned Prince, Diana Ross, 1999, but
I am from the old school and I remember Little Richard, and James Brown WAY BACK WHEN singing about partying(smile). So come to think about it the person that mentioned the fifties is right on ,but Little Richard was screaming before the English lads.
Prince did not start it.

Prince wrote his song in 1983, 16 years before 1999.

When prince used it in his song it was already a common phrase. I believe that it was even used in the sitcom's "WKRP in Cincinnati" and "Welcome back, Kotter" making it at least over 30 years old.
Kitchen will become a verb, the day we all start wiping eachothers bums.

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