Can you write for a moment story that includes 6 of these phrases?

As you MUST know by now, this is not homework.Just some creative,wholesome fun on YA. HAVE FUN,friends.

1. When I hear his voice I nearly dropped the phone.
2. Mirror,mirror on the wall.... I think I freshly broke the mirror.
3. My hands are still shaking.
4. You remind me so much of ________.
5. This is not risky. It is exciting.
6. I'm too outdated to play games.
7. May the force be with you.You're gonna call for it!
8. I never knew I could be this confused.
9. Uh huh. Uh huh. I go and get it.I think.
10. Well, shiver me timbers, matey.

Answers:    When I hear his voice I nearly dropped the phone. It had be years, eleven to be exact. Not a word, no call, no visit, no contact what so ever. Yet here on the eve of our daughter's sixteenth birthday, he found the nerve inside to call.
My hand are still shaking when I called her to the mobile phone.
"Uh huh. Uh huh. I get it...I imagine..uh huh.." The call go on forever. I'm too old to play games, and at this point, a brandy straight sounded really honourable to me. I heard her voice cracking basically then... and my heart sink. As she hung up the telephone, I could see her tears flowing silently, she reach for me then, and clutched me tightly, as she begin to sob uncontrollably. I never know I could be this confused. "What did he say?" I couldn't back asking.
He said amongst other things, "You remind me so much of your mother,and I just looked-for to tell you how much I love you, and other have." What a nouns of crock, I thought to myself. What was he up to in a minute. "Mom," she said looking up at me, "I'm meeting him tomorrow." I feel sick to my stomach.

To be continued...

Yes, I can. Can you?

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