12 year old author?

Question:the other day i entered an online poetry contest and sent in one of the poems i made and today they e mailed me back asking me to join there website and i should send my poetry piece to a poetry publishing company and i would be a great childrens poetry author. Should i send it to the publishing company? i know this could be a really great oppurtunity. but im not so sure cause im only in the 6th grade!

First, if they're asking for any money to join their website, don't do it. Things like that are usually scams, and there are plenty of free communities for poets on the 'net. It's never worth paying for.

Secondly, by all means, if you think your work is good, send it to a publisher. Getting your poetry published more than likely will never pay anything, ever, but the publication credits will be good for your resume if you try to write in some other field or when you apply to colleges. In high school, I knew a couple kids who had poems published. If they can do it in the 10th grade, there's no reason you can't in the 6th.

Good luck in your future writing endeavours.
If it was poetry.com then it was a scam.
Um I guess you should take a chance. Try it. But if you don't think so you shouldn't do it. Everything involves risks. Talk to someone a friend about this.

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