☼ Pip pip and doodly do... What person(s) on YA always seems to make you smile?

Question:What would you like to say to that person(s) to make him or her smile?

all of you consistent posters here on words and wordplay bring a smile to my face! Not to mention that you all give me hope for future generations. It's great to see so many people using the brain matter that God gave them and who are willing to share their creativity with us all.
Pokey the Angry Banana... aka Pokey...

He makes me laugh!
Pip pip and doodly do,
what are ya doin' on ole Yahoooooooo??

Kinda hard to choose this time around....but you would make a good choice !!
Sunshine - "beware the pokeballs of fury! Hee HAW!"
Secretsauce - "I revere my monkey ancestors."
Silva - "Last night I dreamed that I was stuck in an elevator with Lady Minerva, and I had my umbrella with me."
Kayboff - "Tie a yellow something 'round the old oak tree"
well....... Sunshine♥MattBaby always brings a smile to my face.... :)

Two feather ALWAYS makes me laugh with her witty anecdotes......
Bender has some funny questions now and again..
and of course, Major A-hole is well, a major a*hole but some of his questions are funny too.
Sunshine fer sher, Just seeing your avatar pop up makes me smile.
and numbsain? he makes me laugh, not only smile.
all the people in my contact list make me smile, they're all sharp and they all have great senses of humor.
I only know a few but it's a wonderful start and if I only get to know these 4 I'll feel blessed.
Sarge thanks for the encouraging words. You are a special person.
Silva and Tuba you make ME smile as I write stories for you.
Sunshine how can I not smile with a name like that? I wonder where you come up with your phrases sometimes but that's what makes you unique. I thank you for your words too. What a great question to put up.
God bless each one of you and the many I haven't met yet.
There are so many loving caring people that have been there for me and made me smile I just won't slight even one of them. And there isn't room here to list them all. Thank you to you all. You know who you are. Love ya much.
The simplest thing. There isn't much to it. All you have to do is doodly do it. I love it so. Wherever I go. It's doodly,doodly, doodly, doodly, dooo!
Joe, he & his avatar are always fighting. He's so funny.
And now he's trying to train a new one with great fuzzy green ears.

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