A word that means...?

Question:This has been driving me batty...

I'm looking for a word that means something along the lines of 'justified' or perhaps 'vindicated'...

Say I'd been performing a task in a certain way, and everyone else thought I was wrong for doing it that way. Then, due to something unforseen, it transpires that my way of doing it was right all along...

I could say that I feel ___________??

Thank you! :)

I think your choice of 'vindicated' was great, but another word could be 'exonerated'.
Validated is the correct answer.
cogent, correct, exact, faithful, good, justified, normal, precise, proper, regular, right, sound, strict, true, undistorted, veracious, veridical, well-founded, well-grounded
vindicated, smug, exonerated,
I like all the suggestions so far - here are some others, in the order of my personal preference:
In the right
The devil made me do it
I had the last laugh
In your face space coyotes
Like a bad ***
Like I was li'l miss thang
like all was right with the world once more
Y'all shouldn't have doubted me
Like I proved you all wrong
like tellin y'all to sit your monkey asses down
Like rubbing their noses in it
Like struttin' my stuff all up in this muhfuh.
like sayin ya heard it here first
you fools should NEVER have doubted me
Like sayin' I told you so
Like the all time ruler of the universe
Mind your own business next time.
Stuff you lot;;;;;
No one likes me now?
Since I was very young I have had this problem - to the extent that there are always 3 ways of doing things.
1) The right way
2) The wrong way
3) My way

I think 'absolved' is the real word you seek - it's always how I feel when something I do works perfectly well , even if 'off the wall' on occasions.

PS Love Numbsain's tirade.
PPS The 'jammy' answer made me laugh
I think I would use the word vindicated in this example.

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