A Child Called It.?

Question:Alright Everyone, Book reports are always fun? but i have to do one and i chose the all famous a child called it..and we have to fill out this paper so if you have any information please tell me ill tell you what i need and possibly you could fill some of it out for me? thanks.

Setting :

Characters :

Conflict(s) :


Thanks again.

My brother read that i read it a long time ago.But it was really interesting.
HAHA just read the book you fool, otherwise if your really that lazy just search around online like maybe for some cliff notes or something for that book. Like searching google for Summary of "then your books title" sources may be limited but just check searching.
Now why in the hell would a group of strangers want to do your homework for you? Grow up, read the book (it took me all of about 4 hours to read it...at one time) and write the report.
do your own homework

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