"Sweetheart" Whats the Problem?

Question:Ok heres the deal first of all this question is from Ireland

Just recently I have started using the word sweetheart when speaking to girls I work with but when I do use the word it is meant in the most relaxed and form.It is almost meant jokingly just to support the Statement.

But Ive just discovered that some girls dont like the word sweetheart or being called sweetheart!

I dont use the word in the romantic sense.

for Eg : some one says something and my reply might be

"you must be joking sweetheart there is no way in hell that is going to happen today".

Some people think it is condescending to girls to say that word!

Im Curios!

Im confused , what does everyone think about that in EduQnA.com land??

thanks all


On your part you may be calling your colleagues in a friendly manner.But we cannot expect everbody to be broad minded person like you.Every body has their own way. S some may like that and some not.So you can use that word to the person who likes it and it would be better if you dont use to those who dont like it.
i would hate to be called sweetheart by anyone other than my love.so dont use it on girls in general,it would give an impression that you are a flirt
calling someone you hardly know "sweetheart" IS condescending
Being from the southern US it's an everyday term to me. It doesn't offend me in anyway. Although I have noticed that people in other cultures see it as an insult.
If I were you I'd stop immediately.

The example you gave, "you must be joking sweetheart ..." makes you sound condescending and sarcastic.

If you gave me that answer you'd get more than a "sweetheart" in reply.

No matter how you mean it, the statement makes you sound like a pompous, ignorant and overbearing so and so, who's on a power trip.

Just for my information, how do you word an answer to a male colleague?
John it is a word that grates the nerves as when someone calls a woman honey. Maybe you mean well but it goes over badly because you don't know them well enough to call them sweet heart so it is condesending or irritating to the nerves and you will not get good results. Try ladies or something more relevant Ladies your not listening. or I tell them they are so wonderful it works for me because I'm being real. People know when you are just being patronizing.

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