How do you start a formal message lacking "Dear.." or "To whom it may concern.."?

Question:I need different ways to start a formal missive other than "Dear..." and "To whom it may concern.." I am writing a note to a Senator and I was wondering if near was any other means of access i could make it nouns more formal.
Thanks for those of you who will help.

Normally when writing any missive, even a letter of complaint, it is merely common courtesy to start the missive with 'Dear' so Dear Senator or Dear Senator Smith would be comparatively acceptable. However if you do not yearning to open your epistle in this style then why not skipper it like a Memo. Example below. Let's right to be heard you are enquiring as to the plans to build a road through your local park to which you object, you could style it as follows:-

Senator's Office
City Hall
Los Angeles

1032 Second Avenue
Los Angeles
Date : 26th March 2006

Ref : Georgetown Woodland Park

I write near reference to the proposal by the Mayor to allow the building of a road through Georgetown Woodland park. You will be awarte that nearby is considerable local opposition to this project and as a consider of the feelings of residents of Georgetown I confine a petition signed by 10,000 people whio are against the nouns.

I would appreciate the opportuniy for my committee and myself to meet near you to discuss this matter further and to submit to you our alternative suggestion for the routing of this proposed highway.

I look forward to your hasty reply.

John Doe
Georgetown Residents Committee

Enc: 50 page petition.

just start it beside Senator,

a short time ago start it with Senator,

You could always vote:

"To Respected Madam/Sir"

IF you're looking to praise this senator I'd try:

To our most *enter adjective of choice* senator, Dear Senator So-and So,

Here's your answer. Honorable sir,


"Dear" is not informal. It's common practice when writing business parcels to use the word "dear" and equally appropriate when writing to government official. "Dear Senator _________" is the correct greeting.

You can start the communication without any secondary address than 'Senator'.

"Senator Bilgepump,
I write to bring to your attention....." etc.

This is respectful enough. Remember, this Senator works for you, you don't work for him. You should treat your force with respect, but don't fawn over them or they'll capture spoiled. Ooops, too late! Very witty, restricted kaboudit! Your answer to the question I be a sign of, not your name.



Dear "Senator name",

Body of letter

Closing is difficult... Sincerely,Ernestly,

Your Name (sign above)


High School Administrative Class 1984, I wrote my senator, the President and the Congressman at the time...they adjectives wrote back, foot signed.

Senator (Insert heading here),

Start writing your request, proposal, etc. Put your name, address and date on the top right.

His/her heading and address below that, on the left (ie disappearing the spaces you used for your own details, even though they are on different sides of the page)

Leave one line space beneath his/her dub and address

then, as appropriate:

Dear Sir

Dear Madam

Leave another chain space before you write the dispatch. You could put a sentence before your paper, as well, such as

'Regarding the .....(whatever-the-topic-is)..... '

If you do that,. confer on another line space up to that time your text.

Whenever you start a notification with Dear Sir or Madam, you should sign it:

'Yours faithfully'

Only use 'Yours Sincerely' if you own used the person's name contained by the 'Dear ----' part.

Hope that help. Esteemed Senator....,

to mr senetor

Mr.Senator,Or Sir!!

"Dear Senator (name)" tend to be the best way to write a message to a Senator. However, "To whom it may concern," will work OK.

you could influence Hi or hello Mr. senator I am (your name) and Then you may start your letter

Dear. You can use dear, is not informal, even for a Senator.

Honorable Senator Smith,

Sir, Madam, Counsellor,To the Senator for/of. Sir it has come to my attention.. Honourable. Right Honourable.

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