About life puzzle, what should I do?

Question:Sometimes what you want is not what you need, sometimes what you want is not really you want,
I saw the movie Gump, his IQ is very low, 75 points, and his good friend, special friend Janey who wants to be a singer, but she later find out she was messed up, and she find out what she really wants is to be with Gump,
I wonder what is me really wants? and I will not regret when I'm old,

Take some time off... spend some time with yourself, and have a soliloquy. Clear your mind of all other things except yourself. When you are in deep concentration, think about the things you are doing good at, then think about what you want to achieve in life. Set priorities. I know this might sound very unclear, and very general, but it is quite helpful sometimes if you try to "talk to yourself."

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