*****Can you write a little story that includes these song titles?

Question:1. Bridge Over Troubled Water
2. An Old Flame Can't Hold A Candle To You
3. You Are My Sunshine
4. Whoop! Whoop!! Whoop! Make a Noise Like a Hoop and Roll Away
5. I'm Old Enough to Know Better But Still Too Young to Care
6. Amazed And Confused

BONUS PHRASE: Forget the Night, Help Me Make It Through the Door

Okay, I have to try one more Sunshine and Matt story. This one's a bit sentimental and mushy, but it's also nice (or at least it's kind to Miss Kitty - shock!). I will probably never be very good at the Sunshine/Matt stories, but I had fun writing it. Hope you enjoy it.

Matt Dillon and Sunshine were celebrating their silver wedding anniversary. Their years together had been filled with many adventures. Together they had stuck through thick and thin. Tonight, the room was packed with many old and dear friends who had come to wish them well and share in their celebration. As they looked into each other's eyes, the noise and crowd fell away. Matt looked at his wife tenderly. "You are my Sunshine," he said softly, "I only have eyes for you." "And you," replied Sunshine, "have been my bridge over troubled water. No one knows me better."

There were good times to be had by all. Matt was reluctant to share his lovely lady with the willing gents, but good-naturedly let her go to kick up her heels with a few of them. The old beaus stood in line, trying to stay on their best behavior. "Well," said one, "an old flame can't hold a candle to you, but how about a little warm-up dance?" Sunshine graciously agreed. Before long, the floor was full of rthythmic feet accompanied by clapping hands and more than a few whistles and cat calls. Sunshine could hardly keep up. Just as soon as one dance was finished, a new partner and song was waiting. Sunshine's eyes were alight and there was high color in her cheeks. Concerned, Matt stepped up for the next dance. "Want to take a break, Hon?" he asked. "Don't want to wear you completely out. After all, we do have the honeymoon suite tonight." He smiled impishly. "Don't you worry about me," Sunshine replied. I'm old enough to know better but still too young to care. Let's go!" And away they went.

The party got rowdier as the night wore on. A hoe down was in progress! Faster and faster went the music as partners wove in and out in an intricate pattern. Everyone would pitch toward the center of the floor, then chant, "Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! Make a noise like a hoop and roll away!" Then they would spin their partners out and away.

Everyone was having so much fun they didn't notice a lone figure at the door. Why, it was Miss Kitty! As she made her way into the room, the music stopped. No one had seen Kitty in a coon's age and it took a few minutes for recognition to set in. She was bent and gray. People looked on, amazed and confused. Kitty made her way over to Matt. "Well, hello, handsome," she said. "I see you're having quite a little shindig here. Just came to congratulate the happy couple. How about a little dance?" Matt looked at her helplessly. Sunshine gave him a little nod. The years had been kind to them both. She could afford to be a bit generous with Kitty tonight.

Kitty finished a few more dances with some old admirers. She even got an indecent proposal from one, but enough was enough. She just replied, "Forget the night. Help me make it through the door, would you?" After that, the party began breaking up.

Back in the honeymoon suite, Matt and Sunshine toasted the evening. "Now, what was that about being old enough to know better?" Matt said playfully. "Oh," Sunshine retorted, "but I am definitely young enough to still care." She kissed him lightly on the lips and slipped the DO NOT DISTURB sign over the doorknob. Then she closed the door.
includes all the titles??

Once upon a time I met the perfect guy. I went to tell him "You are my sunshine and an old flame couldn't hold a candle to you." He was amazed and confused. He explained to me that he had dated my kind before and that he was old enough to know better but still to young to care. He said dating me was like being on a bridge over troubled water-kinda risky. I took his hand and said put all your fears aside and Forget the night, help me make it through the door. His response was simply "whoop whoop whoop make a noise like a hoop and roll away" It was great but ended up a one night stand.
Well, me and De-Wayne was walking home from the bar all amazed and confused, and we came to a huge bridge over troubled water. I knew it was troubled water because of the black cloud that was was coming towards us....a black cloud by the name of Sueanne, ( DeWayne's old girlfriend) She was going "Whoop ! Whoop ! Whoop ! Make a Noise Like a Hoop and Roll Away." Well, I says to De-Wayne,"Forget the night, and help me through the door !" " I'm old enough to know better, but still too young to care, and I'm about to open up a can of " Whoop-@ss " and tell her "come get you some !" But De-Wayne stops me and says , "Honey, you are my sunshine." "An old flame can't hold a candle to you." So i let her slide...this time !
once there was a young man looking for wisdom. He went to his grandfather and asked him for some wisdom. The grandfather told him that in order to become wise he must first complete some tasks. 1st. The grandfather told his grandson to buil a BRIDGEOVER TROUBLED WATER. so the grandson found troubled water and built a bridge. The grandson went back to his grandfather and said he had completed his first task. now the grandfather told him to say WHOOP! WHOOP!! WHOOP! MAKE A NOISE LIKE A HOOP AND ROLL AWAY. So the young boy started whooping noise. then he make a noise like a hoop and rolled away. when the boy came back the grandfather was AMAZED AND CONFUSED at how badly this young boy wanted to be wize. The young boy had asked the grandfather if he 2 had to do this in order to be wise. the grandfater replied saying...I'M OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER BUT STILL TO YOUNG TO CARE about being wise. The grandfather asked his young grandson why he came to him for wisdom, why not a munk or someone else. The grandson aswered by saying " well because YOU ARE MY SUMSHINE. The grandfather replied back with AN OLD FLAME CAN'T HOLD A CANDLE TO YOU. the young boy was very confused. The grandfather relized this. The young boy thanked his grandfather for the wisdom and said that because it was night out, he had to leave. The grandfather replied.."Wait, FORGET THE NIGHT, HELP ME MAKE IT THROUGH THE DOOR. The young boy did just that.
I was walking through the park one day, when i came across the most gorgouse lookin guy i have ever seen. I'm Old Enough to Know Better But Still Too Young to Care, so I went over and began to talk with him. We went across The Bridge Over troubled Water that told us we were only inches from the gate, and inches from saying goodbye.
As we exchanged good byes, he said the most wonderful thing. "You are my sunshine."
"AN Old Flame Cant Hold a Candle to You," I replied.
"Would you like to come over tonight?" He asked as we came closer to each others faces?
"Forget the Night, Help Me through the Door," I told him, for the park was closing, and the gates had closed on me.
"WHoop! WhooP!! Whoop! Make a Noise LIke a Hoop and Roll Away." he told me, as we walked off toward his house, without helping me.
He left me stuck there, Amazed and Confused. SOme guys just never make sense.

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