"Enrol in a lifetime of ESL course" Is this an offense?

Question:I saw someone saying that to someone on youtube while they were in argument.
I'm guessing that the one who said that was trying to offend the listener, but I'm not really sure how that can be offending.
Someone please explain it for me.

Yes, it's an insult, as ESL stands for English as a Second Language.
Yes, it's an insult. It suggests that the listener can't speak English well enough to be understood.

ESL also stands for "East Side Locos" (which is gang related). It seems more likely that in this case it does stand for English as a Second Language; and, out of context at least, it sounds like it was meant as an insult.

Many of our public schools are required by law to offer ESL classes to students whose first or primary language is not English. There are many other terms used, such as LEP (Limited English Proficiency), ELL (English Language Learners), etc.
It sounds the the person was criticizing how the listener spoke English as a foreigner. ESL stands for English as a Second Language or a how to speak English course.
Yes,it was meant to offend.However,the writer managed to shoot himself in the foot with mis-spelling.He rendered his own criticism impotent by mis-spelling of enroll.
Perhaps he should be a bit more humble about things.
The entire sentence is a grammar wreck.

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