"What for?" or "For what?" which way of saying that is correct?

KG1.You will blind her with science. My grammar is pretty good but I had a job keeping up with what you said.
You are correct it is "For what", but to mere mortals, just keep it simple.
I would say "for what"

as in

for what do I owe the honor of your presence..

as opposed to

what for do I owe the honor of your presence..
I would say "For what?" I was trained in grammar and remember being taught that sentences should not end in a preposition. "For" is a preposition.

Also, it's a sentence that assumes a silent context. The full sentence might be "That is for what?", which has components of a complete sentence - subject (That), verb (is), complete prepositional phrase (for what). The prepositional phrase isn't necessary, but at least it works that way.

Response to Karol:

You're probably right. I had a really good teacher, though. I didn't understand this stuff in high school, but the course instructor made it seem like a snap. The preposition was one of the first things we learned about. Thanks for the input; I didn't mean to over do it.

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