Which sentence is correct… went for lunch or went to lunch or gone to/for lunch AND went for prayer or went t

Question:Which sentence is correct… went for lunch or went to lunch or gone to/for lunch AND went for prayer or went to prayer or gone for/to prayer …please clarify

I woud think that thhey are all correct.
always use 'for'
whether went or gone.
The following sentences are correct.

If you went somewhere to eat lunch, then you went TO lunch.
If you went somewhere to get lunch and bring it back, then you went FOR lunch.
If you went somewhere to pray, then you went TO prayer.
If you went somewhere to have someone else pray for you, then you went FOR prayer.

"Gone" is a past participle and is always used with the helping verb "have/has".

You went to lunch today. You have gone to lunch every day this week.
You went for lunch last Tuesday and brought back food for everyone in the office. You have gone for lunch every Tuesday this month.
He went to prayer yesterday. He has gone to prayer every Sunday this year.
He went for prayer last month. He has gone for prayer every time his church has had a healing service.
It has to do with location and tense.

Gone to lunch--you left and will eat before returning
Gone for lunch--you've left and will be back with lunch

Same thing with went only it's past tense. You'd use went to describe what you've already done.
I like all the answers you have gotten. When you get back at least you know where you have been. Thanks
If I went for lunch, I would be going to pick up the meal. If I went to lunch, I would be eating there. If I am gone for lunch, it means someone told someone else I was not in at the moment, I had gone to eat.
First one
depends on the sentance its in!

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