☼ wants to know.Can you write a little story that includes these "A" song titles?

Question:I'm going to go through the alphabet.
Nope. This is not homework...Just some wholesome ,creative FUN on YA.

1) A Matter of Time
2) Amazed and Confused
3) A Living Prayer
4) Annie Get Your Gun
5) Across The Universe
6) And I Love Her

"So, tell me about yesterday Alex..." said my Psychiatrist.

"Well Doc, I knew it was just a matter of time until Annie would come back into my life. I was home, relaxing, watching the Andy Griffith marathon. I had a cold beer and my dog was at my side, as usual. That's when I heard the door open, and there she was, wearing the cowboy boots and dress I had given her for Arbor Day a year ago. That's when she walked up to me and pulled out a gun, needless to say, I was amazed and confused. She pointed it at my privates and said, 'I hope ya have a living prayer pilgrim cause I'm about to make you sing soprano...'

"All I could do was look up at her and ask why?? She just smiled, spit out the Aspergum she was chewing and said, 'I been doin a lotta thinkin and something inside of me said Annie, get your gun and take care of that rotten boyfriend of yours. So...here I am' But why, what did I do?? I asked her.
'You dragged my love all across the universe, but still, you love that danged television your cold beer and your dog more than you do me!'

"Ah Angel, my sweet Annie, that ain't true. You mean a lot to me too...I said, but that's when she pulled back the hammer of the gun and yelled out, 'Say goodbye to your little friend Alex!!' And that's when my faithful dog Alice grabbed her arm and diverted the shot fired into the archway of the kitchen door. I got up and took the gun away from Annie, then I sat back down"

"Annie sat up sobbing, her arm bleeding from the dog bite and said, 'That darn dog of yours bit me!!' That's right I said, and I love her!"

"That's when I told Annie to go put a bandaid on her wound and grab me another beer on her way back..."

"Doc, do ya think I am really insensitive?"
Smiling at his sweetie Annie. Luca couldnt help but feel so alive.
It had been some time and the battles that went on in their lives were such huge hurdles.

Justin was Annie's ex.

He was planning to kill. He went to her house and tied up Luca. Waiting in the shadows. Annie bursted in to the room when she arrived home from work. She stood there looking amazed and confused.
The sight of Luca naked and tied up scared her.

"Annie get your gun" whispered Luca urgently. She pulled out her pistol and held it by her side. It was like being in a living prayer as she crossed the room to untie Lucas. It was a matter of time for Justin to come out and kill them both.

Justin walked out and stood behind Annie

Hold his own gun to Annie's back he snarled "I want you Annie. Lets kill Luca. Be with me. I would travel across the universe. From heaven and hell to get you. Luca I never loved you. Your worthless oxygen waste of space. See your only great for one thing and.." He pointed to Annie "and I love her. Now you must die".

Tensing Luca closed his eyes and both Annie and Justin pulled their triggers. As the smoke cleared Luca was now a corpse bleeding.
I should have known that it was just 1.) a matter of time, until I could not resist "trying" to write stories.
It appears that in most cases, I am 2.) amazed and confused by the ingenious talents that the writers have in this category.
I will in fact need 3.) a living prayer, in order to get through this, self inflicted challenge I am going to try to pursue. A story for every letter of the alphabet! Twenty-six stories!
But OK 4.) Annie G. get your gun, give it your best shot! I accept the challenge! If you are putting a story out for every letter of the alphabet, you may have to search 5.) across the universe, for enough songs.
I love the Beatles too. I will try to act naturally, and get it all together now. One of my favorites "6.) And I Love Her. So I am ready...i think, anytime at all...
Excuse me, I must see if B has been posted.

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