♫ Can you write a little story that includes these OLD TIME SONGS??

Question:1. By The Light Of The Silv'ry Moon
2. Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye
3. It's Been A Long, Long Time
4. She's A Latin From Manhattan
5. Some Of These Days
6. Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey

BONUS PHRASE: My Wild Irish Rose

It's been a long,long time since I felt emotion. June 8th of 1994 to be exact.. That was the day my daughter was abducted. Tortured. Murdered.
It's amazing how much you can accomplish, however, when you do not have an emotional stake involved in any situation. Any outcome is acceptable. Guilt does not play a hand in your decisions and neither does sadness or rage. The downside, of course, is that you never get to feel the unadulterated joy of a job well done. Yet that's never stopped me from working.

I can see her now. She's a latin from Manhattan and she's standing under a street light about sixty feet away. She does not notice me, nor would she have any reason to suspect I'm there. I've been watching her for over two hours now, dancing in and out of the shadows, and noting her every move.
She is the perfect prey.
A metro bus makes it way to the side of the road, close to where she's standing, and I tense up. If she boards, I'm going to have to drop her for the night.
She doesn't. She lets the bus pass her by, then pulls out a cell phone and begins dialing.
"Come on!" my anxious mind screams. I need her out of the glow of the streetlights and away from the eyes of the public. My patience is very thin by this point. I've tailed her for eight days without ever encountering the perfect moment. Some of these days, the girl attended huge parties and was surrounded by no less than a hundred people. She is quite the social butterfly, this little Latin girl.
And then.miracle. She folds up the phone and retreats into the shadows. Her gait picks up as if she is angry and she begins stalking toward the mouth of an alley, far too self absorbed to realize her danger.
I close in. My nerves are tingling in anticipation. My hands twitch.
Like a tiger pouncing on it's prey, a shadow flies into the mouth of the alley. By the light of the silv'ry moon, I see it's features, normal in every way, but for the brutal rage distorting it's face. It grabs the little Latin girl before she can even react and throws her against a brick wall. Pawing, groping, even snarling, this man turned animal attacks.
I reach them just in time.
"Put your arms around me, honey," the man-animal hisses. "It'll be easier for me to feel your life ebb that way."
So engrossed is he, that he doesn't see me. My arm shoots out and catches him in the ear. Howling, he releases the terrified girl, and I step behind him. I snake my arm around his neck to steady him as I drive the railroad spike I carry repeatedly into his back. The animal gurgles. Falls. Dies.
"Th-thank you," The girl manages. Shock freezes her features in place. She would be a long time in getting over this episode. I wish I could feel pity, but, like always, it eludes me.
I start to walk away.
"Wait! You aren't going to leave her here with...with...Him are you?" She points at his corpse with a shaky finger.
"Why not? He's beyond bothering you now." I stare at her like a curious bug. "And you're quite capable of leaving."
"But.what if someone esle grabs me? What if-"
"Let me spare you the agony. That man is the Arlington strangler. You know, the one in the news? I've been following you for days now. You're his victim type. You roam his preying grounds. I picked up on you the minute I got here and knew it was only a matter of time before he noticed you. Sure enough, I saw him trailing you this evening, and was just waiting for you to seclude yourself so he could strike. He did, game over, now go home toot toot tootsie. Goodbye."
"WHAT?! You made me bait?" The girl was good. She was losing that shock at an amazing rate, and fury was beginning to invade her features.
"You were a means to an end. Have a nice night."
I left. I mean, what more can you say in a situation like that? She was fuming and sputtering in the dark behind me, the dead body by her feet clearly forgotten, and I was walking away. I had a bottle of cheap wine, my wild irish rose, and an old John Wayne movie to get to. I also had a payment to collect. The Arlington strangler wasn't pleasure. He was a job. A job given by a previous victim's family, but a job nonetheless.
I am Ian James.
I feel no pain.
But I give it in droves...
I wait, by the light of the silvery moon, for my girlfriend to get back from Iraq. I recall the day she left on the train...toot, toot, "Tootsie, goodbye!" I called, but she couldn't hear me. I started to grow my wild Irish Rose outside the window, but I've been so depressed it's been a long, long time since I've watered it. Some of these days all I do is lie in bed. I consider calling the lady next door over, for some comfort. She's a Latin from Manhattan. I want to say, "Put your arms around me, Honey," but I don't want to start something I can't handle. Maybe I'll just kill myself tonight.
I was walking alone pondering my recent journey's. Stopping only to think BY THE LIGHT OF THE SILV'RY MOON. I've recently been to ireland, which is my home town. Boy IT'S BEEN A LONG, LONG TIME since i have stood on the step to my parents house. How I miss them now.
I have been to san fransisco where i rode a trollie called the TOOT TOOT TOOSIE GOODBYE. How i miss the fragrant smell of the city and the lights from all the buildings.
I met a girl and fell in love. Did i meantion that SHE'S A LATIN FROM MANHATTAN. We laughed loved and in the end things didn't work out. SOME OF THESE DAYS where the best days of my life.
So its off to colorado to see the wide open space. There is where i found MY WILD IRISH ROSE Adelaide. Love has found me again.
So as i'm staring into the moon pondering I feel a arm slip around my waist with a gentle whisper she say's, PLEASE PUT YOUR ARMS AROUND ME, HONEY i am so cold. I do as she asks then we slowly walk home to are house in Ireland. Just me and my Adelaide.
*By the Light of the Silv'ry Moon, Ricky Martin, no not THAT Ricky Martin, skipped along merrily through Central Park. He wasn't afraid, nobody was going to bother him, not on such a wonderful, wonderful evening. He was going to see his girlfriend, and as he told all his buddies, "*She's a Latin From Manhattan, and she's stolen my heart away."

"*It's Been a Long, Long Time since I felt so fine," Rickly softly sung to himself. And finally, there she was, standing, waiting for HIM! Oh how wonderful his soul leapt up, how sweet the night became at the sight of her there.

"*Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey" Ricky sang out, holding his own up for a big sweet hung.

But his 'Latin from Manhatten' did not look as warm and welcoming as she had before. She looked at him with fire in her eyes, her face was set defiantly.

"Ricky," her tone was clipped and quick. "*Some Of These Days, you've been a sweet interlude. But now, I want to have a real man in my life. I'm settin' my eyes on a certain US Marshall I recently met, so, it's time to say *Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye."

And with that said, she spun on her heels, her long dress spinning around as though doing a flamenco dance. Her lovely, long dark hair bounced as she flounced away, never once looking back.

Ricky stood there for a moment, his heart unsure. He waited until she was out of sight before he moved even an inch.

By the Light of the Silv'ry Moon, Ricky Martin, no not THAT Ricky Martin, skipped along merrily through Central Park. He wasn't afraid, nobody was going to bother him, not on such a wonderful, wonderful evening. He was going to see his girlfriend, and as he told all his buddies, "She's *My WIld Irish Rose , and she's stolen my heart away."

Hmmm..maybe he is THAT Ricky Martin...

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