Essay grill...?

i need a counter example contained by my essay but i dont know where to put it. should i put it surrounded by the thesis or structure statement or only just put it into my body paragraphs minus any tie with the exposition or structure statement. Im really confused.

Answers:    There are several ways to do this. Here is one that I'd recommend:

Lay out your argument in the origin, and then use the first couple body paragraph to give examples of and support the paper that you stated at the end of the introduction. In your concluding body paragraph, give the counter example, and present it within a way that make your original critique even stronger. Explain the counter example but then find some verbs on it that will support your thesis. Not sure what you're topic is, so I can't distribute you any ideas give or take a few how to twist it, but if you have a sneaking suspicion that about it, I'm sure you can numeral something out. Then in the conclusion, wrap it up and tie the counter example stern to your original critique, working in the supporting examples as capably.

Good luck!
you can include a breif senentence in the introduction and the enunciate why its wrong with the study. Then include a paragraph either as the 2nd or 3rd paragraph nearly the counter arguement and saying why it is wrong.

moral luck!

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